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Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual and may include images, words or graphic forms.
In this five day workshop we combine four of our most popular workshops to steer your creative thinking into exciting new directions. We show you how to create print collateral, ad material, web graphics, posters, banners and exhibition material; as well as brochures and magazine layouts. As if that’s not enough we also include ‘The principles of great design’ to make sure you understand why a design works. We will prepare you for every design challenge so that by the time you’re done with the course you’ll hit the ground running!

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Whether you’re a school or college student (or even a parent), we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of design with our cutting-edge course in graphic, web, and video design using Adobe software! Imagine unlocking the secrets to crafting stunning visuals that captivate audiences across social media, print, and video platforms and starting your own side hussle in the process.

Our weekly evening sessions are tailor-made to fit your busy schedule, ensuring that you can pursue your passion for design without compromising on other commitments.

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Welcome to THE ultimate creative design training package to push your creative potential sky high!
The course package will prepare you for any design challenge in the fields of Graphic Design, Web design and Video Design. It contains 10 full video recordings (Over 35 hours of training) from all our previous public zoom sessions which means you can do it online in your free time. All project files will be provided and you will receive a certificate upon completion.
You also have the option for a post-course one-on-one session with your trainer to discuss your own work and challenges and get an understanding of how to implement the massive amount of knowledge you will gain during the completion of the courses.

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With simple text prompts in over 100 languages, you can generate images, add or remove objects, transform text, and so much more.

Join us for a 1 day journey packed with examples of using the brand new Adobe Firefly across the full Adobe Creative Cloud offering. We’ll also add some additional examples of using the full Creative Cloud and workflows to make you work faster, smarter and unlock your full creative potential.

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The media world keeps moving and changing at the speed of light and for anybody in the media industry its imperative to stay educated and upskilled in order for you and your team to offer cutting edge service and produce in technology. Over the last 20 years we have followed the evolution of design tools, having come from simple desktop software to what we now like to call “The mobile design revolution!” where no matter where you are, every conversation you have and everything you see becomes an inspiration for your next project. In this half day session we show you 22 software packages and 14 apps which will change the way you look at the creative process FOREVER!

Whether you are managing a brand, working in marketing & PR or are a part of the creative industry this workshop will open your eyes to a world of magic and awesome possibilities available at your fingertips. Trust us, you’re going to love every second!

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Creating logos, illustrations, graphs and visual representations of real-life situations – Illustrator is the most flexible graphic program available today. By harnessing it’s incredible power there will be very little you won’t be able to do in terms of vector drawing, design and layout. Learn how to do direct modifications on vector files, how to use all the tools and special effects, as well as apply Photoshop filters to your vector drawings. Learn which colours work together in print by using colour guides. See how to paint into your newly drawn artwork by using Live Paint, and Character and Paragraph styles to get uniformity for layouts. Learn all about appearances and graphic styles and how to utilize it to create advanced graphic layouts. And lastly we take a look at the fantastic new perspective grid and how you can draw straight into three dimensions.

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Ever wondered why cover models look so good? Ever wanted to fix a photograph or create your own poster? How about changing 500 photos to grayscale or duotone with the press of a button? Colour correcting, painting, making selections, using masks, correcting digital photographs and using Camera RAW? These are all buzz words for power users of Photoshop.

Maybe it’s time you learned what this powerful software is all about and why it’s the unrivaled photo and design manipulation package worldwide. We will take you on a hands-on journey to get you up and running and designing in a flash. We’ll teach you all about layers, selections, colour corrections; using Bridge, manipulating photos, using Text and everything else you’ve always wondered about. Ending off with creating your first movie poster design.

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Ever wondered how to create a magazine layout, CD cover, brochure, booklet, annual report and all other print material? Are you an editor or sub-editor in the magazine or newspaper world, or do you just want to know what it means to work in block design or layout?

This one day course will show you everything to do with layout, from page structure to creating booklets, books, posters, annual reports and much more in InDesign. Learn about image resolution, colour spaces, placing images for layout and using InDesign to draw vector graphics. If you’re an editor we’ll show you how to navigate InDesign documents easily in order to make text corrections or work with the “Story Editor” to make quick changes. We’ll also take a look at books, indexes, style sheets, and text effects. If you haven’t been working on InDesign this course will show you all you need to know to be able to do it all yourself!

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With an abundance of software packages available it’s hard to choose the correct one.
In this 2 day workshop we look at 4 packages that’s completely free and will gear you for any design challenge.

Take an incredible journey through all the facets of graphic design as we explore these creation tools: CANVA, Scribus, GIMP and Inkscape.

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InDesign has become the unrivaled industry master in layout and smart design. Now let us show you how to use it to its full potential, in order to work faster and smarter.

Have you experienced InDesign’s full power yet? In this one day workshop we take a look at the more advanced features in InDesign and some super tricks of the trade to enable you to work faster and smarter.

Speed up your design workflow with expert advice on grids, styles, templates and typography. Take a journey through 50 essential techniques to help you design better and faster. Learn how to use object styles properly, come to grips with advanced grids and working with GREP styles.

If InDesign is your software of choice then this is a must-do course for you!

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InDesign has evolved to become the ultimate powerhouse to create digital content. You can now use it to do anything from a PDF presentations to fully animated versions of your design.

We will show you how to set up engaging and interactive user experiences in a non-coding environment. Further more, you will learn how to prepare an InDesign document to use rich media elements (Animation, video, graphics) and set up interactivity using InDesign’s tools.

We’ll also have a look at creating digital forms and conclude with a look at the brand new ‘Publish Online’ function for mobile compatible publishing.

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In Photoshop advanced we take you on an in-depth look at how the program has changed. We continue to explore different and better ways to achieve more and obtain better results. All this in a fraction of the time.

This is an advanced course aimed at people already familiar with Photoshop and have worked on the program for a couple of years. Take your Photoshop skills to a whole new power journey whilst discovering new ways to harness its flexibility and strength. We look at complex selections, Camera Raw, the third dimension, colour and tonal corrections, the masks panel, refining masks and Hyper Realism. This is the the perfect in-depth workshop to show you exactly what’s possible if you utilise Photoshop to it’s full potential.

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With the fast-paced changes taking place in design media it is crucial to stay a step ahead in your skill set. Infographics has become the must-have skill for any designer.
In this one day course we take an advanced look at designing Infographics in Adobe Illustrator. Learn everything from the Graph tool regards tracing maps, creating explanatory vector illustrations to simulating 3D effects; as well as putting infographics in perspective.
We’ll show you everything from advanced coloring techniques to creating complicated storyboards with multiple statistics and storylines. Sharing some secret techniques that will enable you to get the work done efficiently and professionally.
We also take a deep dive into creating 3D infographics using isometric perspectives. Whether you want to learn more advanced skills in Illustrator or create the perfect infographic, this is the course for you.

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Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.
Over 38% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news and interactive sites online.
In our one day workshop we give you the inside scoop on how to build websites and extend it to become super info systems to tackle any website challenge.
We also show you how to build beautiful sites with incredible user experiences by harnessing some of the best themes on the market.
Already a WordPress user? We’ll teach you how to manage your website more efficiently and extend it with some super plugins.
Your development journey starts right here!

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For a very long time video editing and design was inaccessible and difficult to do. Video edits would take days if not weeks, but in the fast paced social media world that we now live in, there just isn’t time to wait.

In this 3 day course we explore some of Adobes most incredibly creative programs, discovering all possible ways to create videos using raw material from your mobile devices or from professional shoots. Our focus is on executing things quickly, but ensuring results are still extremely professional.

This course is for anybody that would like a basic understanding and practical ability to start creating videos for brands, products and video stories. During the course we’ll use 4 techniques and apps to create our videos, these include Adobe Rush, Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. We also have a look at the extremely useful Media Encoder that comes with the Creative Cloud suite.

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What you will learn…

• Customise Excel environment
• Autofill
• Clipboard
• Naming, moving and copying sheets in a file
• Multiple workbooks
• Advanced paste
• Absolute and relative references
• Sum, autosum, average, min, max, count, counta
• Create, name and format of a table
• Advanced uses of table

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What you will learn…

• Customise Word environment
• Clipboard
• Using objects
• SmartArt
• Tables
• Charts
• Building slides from Word outlines
• Slide Master
• Transitions
• Animation

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Absolutely wonderful experience. Instructor had a world of knowledge on the courses and made it easy and simple to learn. Awesome ability with teaching.

 – Johan de Vos Freelancer

I loved examples shown of how techniques / tools have been used creatively / professionally. I loved the practical execution of the training. Courses were also very structured which is great.

– Kristine Leigh Freelancer

After taking the course, I feel much more confident to take on any adobe programme. My vision as an entrepreneur is so much more clear – I can create anything myself rather than relaying that to graphic designers! In our new climate, I can see how great the investment is, now businesses are more pressured to outsource less and try to innovate & create internally. 

– Amerae Vercueil Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur


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