About our training

Physical classes

With our in-person training, our trainer delivers the classes at a venue of our choice in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. These classes take place on dates chosen by us and are typically presented between the hours of 09h00 – 14h00 each day.

Our in-person classes provide a more hands-on experience giving each attendee the opportunity for greater interaction with the trainer and other learners. We find that when talking to another person face-to-face it provides for greater understanding and clarity.

When doing these classes you will get to meet our Lead trainer, Rudolph Pieterse, who has decades of experience in training and Adobe programs!

Live Online Courses

Our live online courses are presented in a live virtual meeting room, typically on Zoom, wherein the trainer meets the attendees and shares voice and video, requiring all present to be online at all times. These courses are also offered on set dates and times chosen by us.

The most important advantage of live online learning is that one can discuss and clarify doubts, concerns or queries instantly with the trainer. This type of training increases engagement between the trainer and the attendees.

An added bonus is that we record the sessions, allowing the attendees the opportunity to refer back to their trained sessions as and when they wish or need to!

Custom on-site / Online training

Many clients contact us asking for help with specific projects or case study scenarios, requiring step-by-step guidance in order to complete their work for their own clients. Attending a generic course is sometimes just not enough and so we offer tailor-made training based on your own client projects and to suit your specific needs.

It is an educational approach that aims to customize the learning experience. You control this training experience from project and topic to time and pace; and we will be with you every step of the way!

The beauty of this type of training is that everyone (individuals or teams) will walk away feeling as if it was made entirely just for them! And this will increase employee satisfaction, resulting in better service to your client’s and improved performance.

Why train with Multidimensions?

At Multidimensions you receive the best of both worlds! We have a creative agency division and a training division, making us diverse and unique, creating an experience that is unforgettable!

Our creative agency is made up of individuals who have years of technical expertise and are creative thinkers. We offer a diverse set of services focussed on digital channels such as web design and development, creative design, graphic design, and digital marketing strategies.

Over the past 25 years, our training division has had the privilege of training some of the most exciting brands around the world, helping over 3500 attendees reach their creative potential. All our trainers have over 20 years’ experience and are CIW instructors that hold qualifications as Adobe experts being Adobe Certified.

What makes the whole experience unique is that if you work with us via our agency, you will receive personalised training to suit your own specific requirements and needs as we work along with you on your projects and jobs. And your teams will have access to our courses via the training agency as refreshers and to upskill. And then for individuals that join us via the training division, whether a newbie or already well into your creative career, you will receive not only the training to teach you the basic functionality of the Adobe programs but the knowledge and hands-on experience to hit the road running!

We have 3 training offerings: in-person; online and tailor-made training for in-house requirements. Individuals are given projects to work on and upon completion receive attendance certification. With our 12 custom-made short courses we cater for creatives of all levels, from beginner to advanced; and offer post project work (agency) and post learning (training) guidance and support.

Wherever you are, we would like to meet you! For Agency queries contact ruds@multidimensions.co.za or for Training info contact courses@multidimensions.co.za